Other Participation

In addition to Membership option, there are other ways to get involved and take action.

State NOW Priorities Illinois

NOW's 5 priority Issues are:

  • Reproductive Rights & Women's Health
  • Economic Justice
  • Family Law
  • Civil Rights for All People
  • Violence Against Women

Become part of the Illinois PAC (Political Action Committee)

National Wakeup Calls!

National Organization for Women

By Kathryn Gimborys, Government Relations Intern On April 22, 2017, thousands of scientists and individuals participated in a “March For Science” in Washington, D.C., with hundreds of additional satellite marches and actions taking place throughout the country. A direct response to the current administration’s disregard for scientific facts in policy-making decisions, the March sought to... Read more »
By Mica Annis, Vice President’s Office Intern Since childhood I have been taught that it is often best to shy away from conflict for the sake of harmony. I would even argue that most women are socialized (even in feminist environments) to be as non-confrontational as possible. Growing up in a progressive, feminist family, I... Read more »
By Hannah Tennies, National Action Program Intern Growing up in a household with a single mother means that time off is hard to come by, let alone paid time off. Without federal Paid Family and Medical Leave only about 13% of private sector workers have access to paid leave in the United States (“The Economics... Read more »

Legislator Contacts

The links below lead to pages of the Illinois State Board of Elections website.