Get Out The Vote 2016

Your Vote CountsThanks to the 13 members/friends who participated in training to become voter Registrars last week! Our first set of opportunities to register voters are at Sterling Towers, Taft, and Harrison Homes. If you are currently a Deputy Registrar in good standing, please use our sign-up tool to pair up with a Registrar. More opportunities will be added to the sign-up tool later. Go to Sign-Up Genuis to grab your spot.

If you want to be a registrar but couldn't attend (or want to check on recertification) you can get trained 1-on-1 at the Election Commission office, 542 SW Adams St (next to Peoria Police Dept.) Parking between the 2 buildings. Their hours are 8:00-5:00 Mon-Fri.


We can also discuss these plans at the Peoria NOW potluck on Saturday, August 6, at 6:00 PM. Contact us for details. It will be a time to reconnect and meet new members, and hear about the 2016 NOW National Convention from our own Barbara Miller.  Barb not only represented Peoria and Illinois NOW, she was elected to the National NOW Steering Committee!  


In Sisterhood,
Peoria NOW